Public Policy and Accounting

The journal supports an open access policy.

The journal “Public Policy and Accounting” is publishing scientific articles on problematic issues related to accounting and public policy. The preferences are given to the articles about the impact of accounting on public policy and vice versa. The thematic of the journal interacts accounting with public administration and regulation of the economy, with political science, sociology and law.

The goal of the journal is to promote rapid dissemination of ground researches in the areas of accounting coherence, public and state socio-economic policies. The journal focuses on the content and quality of the researches, the author's own vision of solving the problematic issues.

Founder: Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

Periodicity of publication: 2 times per year

Language of the edition: English

Year of foundation: 2020

ISSN 2708-5236 (Online), ISSN 2707-9325 (Print)

Address of editorial office: 103, Chudnivska str., Zhytomyr, 10005, Ukraine
0412 41-39-87


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Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University, Ukraine

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